Welcome, as you enter into The Stillpoint.    Whether you seek a massage therapy experience that takes you the deepest levels of relaxation or to be relieved of the straightjacket of chronic pain that restricts your motion and function, you can now begin to find the relief you need.    My training in practices that are created and considered to be the ultimate therapy, which are safe, gentle, and consistently effective in producing results.

I have traveled far to study with those medical specialists in therapies that are recognized as healing modalities not just for muscle, but for all nine body systems and the soft tissues they impact.  Trauma, surgery, and inflammatory responses can create tensile pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures.   Releasing these pressures on soft tissues that contain ten times the sensory nerves of muscle, creating biochemical changes that increase the production of Interleukin 8, our own anti-inflammatory agent, creates lasting results and supports authentic healing.

Systems theory states that nature goes through periods of order, chaos, order, chaos.  Within the chaos phase, reorganization occurs and the system returns to a higher level of order.

Within the still point comes a moment in time when chaos is stilled and healing begins.    I invite you to enter into The Stillpoint and experience the relaxation you seek and begin the pain-free living you deserve.