What is Oncology Massage?

If you have or are now living with cancer, you want the massage therapy you receive to be provided by a medical massage therapist approved by The Society for Oncology Massage.    Oncology massage is recognized by research to improve the side effects of cancer treatment in the areas of reducing pain, fatigue, nausea, anxiety and depression, improving sleep and restoring that sense of hope and well-being.

For someone you love living with cancer, a massage can be a wonderful gift.  But the massage therapist you choose should have special training in oncology massage and knowledgeable in those techniques that safely meet the changing bodywork considerations during and after cancer treatments that involve surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Janice Vick is a licensed massage therapy instructor with advanced training in medical massage and in oncology massage, and is a preferred provider recommended by The Society for Oncology Massage.

Please visit The Society for Oncology Massage’s website at S4OM.org to find an approved practitioner in another city or state.